pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus

kenneth w. wright


to the second edition here have been significant changes in pediatric chapter 56 by maya eibschitz-tsimhoni, md, is a t ophthalmology and strabismus since the first wonderful contribution to the literature, as it reviews edition. great effort has gone into incorporat- 235 important ocular disorders that have systemic ing recent advances into this second edition. each manifestations, and it includes a detailed glossary of chapter in the book has been revised, and over half of terms. them have been completely rewritten. in addition to as with the first edition, our goal is to present a updating and revising the entire book, we have added comprehensive textbook of pediatric ophthalmology three new chapters: chapter 7 on electrophysiology and strabismus written in a clear, reader-friendly style. and the eye, chapter 1 7 on strabismus surgery, and our hope is that the readerwill find the second edi- chapter 56 on congenital syndromes with ocular man- tion of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus to ifestations. chapter 17 is the definitive work on pedi- be scientifically informative, clinically useful, and en- atric ocular electrophysiology, bar none, and was fin- joyable to read. ished just weeks before the untimely death of its author, dr.tony kriss (see tribute in chapter 17).show more

orofacial pain biomarkers 2017

jean-paul goulet


this book provides up-to-date information on all aspects of orofacial pain biomarkers. it opens by presenting background information on clinical phenotypes and the neurobiological substrates underlying chronic orofacial pain and by explaining the potential role of biomarkers in the diagnosis, prognostic evaluation, and treatment of orofacial pain. the main section of the book examines the contribution of human and animal studies to the field of biomarkers for orofacial pain and discusses biomarkers for masticatory muscle pain, temporomandibular joint pain, neuropathic face pain, and autonomic nervous system involvement in trigeminal facial pain. the potential impacts of the immune system on orofacial pain biomarkers and candidate gene phenotypes with possible links to chronic orofacial pain conditions are also addressed, and differences and similarities between saliva and serum biomarkers for pain are explained as well. the final section covers research-related issues in assessment methods and statistical analyses used in evaluating biomarkers, identifies future challenges and suggests new directions in the more

atlas of implant dentistry and tooth preserving surgery prevention and management of complications

zoran stajcic


this atlas is unique in comparing the two disciplines of dental implant surgery and tooth-preserving surgery with respect to common procedures, problems, and failures and in providing excellent guidance on the prevention and management of complications. the etiology of a wide variety of implant-related and non-implant-related complications and failures is carefully explained. since many complications have their roots in oral and periodontal surgical maneuvers, these maneuvers are themselves discussed and extensively illustrated. the most frequently used tooth preservation procedures are also fully described, with emphasis on correct surgical technique as a means to avoid complications. the use of these procedures is constantly weighed against the effects of tooth removal and insertion of dental implants. the text is complemented by the inclusion of a substantial number of helpful references.while the atlas is intended primarily for dentists involved in outpatient implant dentistry and oral surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgeons will also find the descriptions of innovative techniques or maneuvers to be of interest, including those relating to the selection of incision and flap design and the sinus floor elevation more

endovascular aortic repair 2017 current techniques with fenestrated branched and parallel stent grafts

gustavo s. oderich


this text provides a comprehensive, state-of-the art review of complex endovascular aortic techniques. it will serve as a valuable resource for vascular and cardiovascular surgeons, interventionalists, cardiologists, clinicians, bioengineers and researchers with an interest in complex aortic diseases. the book reviews imaging modalities, diagnostic work up and novel endovascular approaches. technical aspects are provided by experts in the field, with over 600 illustrations and photographs of key steps for each type of procedure. results of epidemiologic studies and national databases are summarized, as well as large institutional experiences. an evidence-based approach is used for recommendations regarding best therapies. other highlights of this unique text include: a new, state-of-the-art review on fenestrated, branched and parallel stent-graft techniques from procedure planning to stent design and implantation. a text dedicated to a topic that has been increasingly recognized by vascular specialists as a priority area in aortic management. an updated overview of current designs and future developments.special attention to technical details of the procedures with use of illustrations. technical tips on how to get out of problems during these challenging procedures. endovascular aortic repair: current techniques with fenestrated, branched and parallel stent-grafts will serve as a very useful resource for physicians and researchers dealing with and interested in complex aortic diseases. it will provide a concise yet comprehensive summary of the current status of the field that will help guide patient management and stimulate investigative efforts. all chapters are written by experts in their fields and include the most up to date scientific and clinical more

complications of temporomandibular joint surgery

gary f. bouloux


this book provides detailed guidance on the recognition and treatment of the complications most frequently encountered in patients who undergo temporomandibular joint surgery. evidence-based guidelines are referred to whenever possible, and when such guidelines are lacking, the preferred current approaches to diagnosis and management are described. in addition, the pathophysiology of each complication is discussed and advice offered on how to ensure that the correct surgical procedure is chosen for the individual patient, thereby minimizing the risk of complications. illustrative cases are included to further highlight key points. the authors are experienced surgeons and pioneers in the field of temporomandibular joint surgery. complications of temporomandibular joint surgery will be of value for all who work in this technically very challenging field and regularly have to deal with the issues posed by a difficult patient population and the risk of suboptimal more

physiologic anchorage control 2017 a new orthodontic concept and its clinical application

tian min xu


this book provides a comprehensive introduction to physiologic anchorage control, explains the implications for clinical practice, and presents an anchorage technique applicable for the treatment of different malocclusions. the concept of physiologic anchorage control is derived from observations of upper molar movement during growth in adolescence, including in the absence of orthodontic treatment, which indicate that molar forward displacement comprises two components: the first due to biologic force or physiologic anchorage loss and the second due to orthodontic force or mechanical anchorage loss. all previous anchorage methods have been based on the assumption that molar anchorage loss is to be attributed solely to the mechanical force used to retract anterior teeth, and the new concept represents a paradigm shift of clinical significance. this book explores the pattern of upper molar growth in depth, highlights the physiologic significance of the curve of spee, and analyzes the biomechanics of physiologic anchorage control. an anchorage control system that fully takes into account the latest conceptual insights is described and its clinical use and utility, more

salivary gland development and regeneration advances in research and clinical approaches to functional restoration

seunghee cha


this book provides a comprehensive update on the latest information and knowledge which emerged from translational and basic science research endeavors, targeting the regeneration of salivary glands. the coverage includes salivary gland growth and development, stem cell therapy, bioengineering of salivary glands, and perspectives on and practical approaches to restoration of secretory function. more specifically, among the individual topics addressed are the various types of stem cell of value for cell replacement therapy, technological advances with respect to 3d printing, gene therapy, organ culture of salivary glands, and surgical aspects of the feasibility and practicality of transplantation. readers will find helpful practical guidance on functional restorations of damaged salivary glands and stimulating insights into potential future directions in salivary gland regeneration research. the authors are all acknowledged experts from a range of academic and clinical backgrounds.accordingly, the book will be of interest not only to clinicians, such as general dental practitioners, oral medicine specialists, and surgeons who manage dry mouth patients, but also to biomedical engineers, stem cell researchers, and transplant more

clinical guide to accelerated orthodontics with a focus on micro osteoperforations

mani alikhani


this book is a complete reference for all clinicians who are interested in incorporating into their daily practice the techniques available to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment and to overcome other treatment limitations. it focuses especially on micro-osteoperforations (mops) as the most conservative, efficient, and versatile approach to increase the rate of tooth movement. the opening chapters describe the biological principles of current accelerated techniques at the molecular and cellular levels and introduce guidelines on how to select the best acceleration approach based on each patient's needs. clinicians are then guided step by step through the application of mops, case selection, and treatment planning. it is explained how mops can be incorporated into daily mechanotherapy for the treatment of different malocclusions and how to take advantage of the catabolic and anabolic effects of the procedure to expand the boundary of orthodontic and orthopaedic corrections. the book is written in a simple and clear language with many illustrations and clinical examples to facilitate understanding of concepts and addition, it is a rich source for academicians and researchers interested in a comprehensive and updated review on theories of tooth movement and accelerated orthodontic more

dental fear and anxiety in pediatric patients 2017 practical strategies to help children cope

caroline campbell


this book is a comprehensive guide to pediatric dental fear/anxiety (dfa) and phobia that will provide practitioners with a full understanding of the etiology, prevalence, assessment, and management of these conditions. the coping styles of children when under stress are explored, with discussion of their relevance to the assessment visit and treatment allocation. practical treatment techniques are comprehensively covered, from non-pharmacological behavioral strategies relevant for children with no or mild dfa to those approaches more appropriate for children with severe dfa/phobia. the importance of the use of language and communication skills to build rapport and allay anxiety is explored. relaxation and hypnosis techniques are described, with guidance on how to introduce these to patients and their parents/carers. techniques that help children cope when receiving injections are detailed, including systematic needle desensitization; these provide practitioners with options to help resolve dfa and phobia regarding needles. intravenous sedation, including the challenge of cannulation, is covered comprehensively.furthermore, cognitive behavioral therapy is presented, with suggestion of practical self-help material when appropriate. the closing chapter looks to the future, discussing the barriers to and the changes required for the creation of more child-centered dfa more

sport and oral health a concise guide

jean-christophe egea


this book aims to explore the intricate interrelationship between oral health and sport, with the focus on highly popular team games, endurance sports, and explosive events. in order to understand the vulnerability of athletes of all levels of ability to oral health problems, relevant aspects of sports physiology and training are outlined, as are the predisposing behavioral, psychological, and physiological elements. specific sports-related oral risk factors are identified and detailed, and the dental conditions frequently observed in athletes are explained. the dental clinical reality of athletes reveals a wide spectrum of oral consequences, affecting both soft and hard tissues, that can adversely impact on training and competitiveness. principles of dental management are highlighted, and therapeutic solutions provided for the most common dental lesions. emphasis is placed on preventative measures and solutions adapted to the athlete's individual needs, as well as the importance of effective collaboration with a diverse team of professionals.the book will be of interest to dentists, health professionals, sports coaches, athletes, and teachers and students of dentistry and medical more

atlas of ffr guided percutaneous coronary interventions 2016

tommaso gori


this book reviews the theory and practice of fractional flow reserve (ffr)-guided coronary intervention, a technique that gives sense and a rationale to daily decisions in the interventional suite. ffr guidance provides detailed information on coronary hemodynamics for the interventional cardiologist. this technique has profound practical implications for therapeutic decisions and for the prognosis of patients. the atlas of ffr-guided percutaneous coronary interventions provides practicing physicians clear information to understand both the complexity of the technique and the correct way to apply it. it is designed both to assist younger faculty and those in training, and to act as a clinical resource for more experienced practitioners. using the clinical cases outlined, the reader can learn to appreciate the pitfalls, tips and tricks that simplify the performance and interpretation of ffr and more

cases in structural cardiac intervention 2017

anitha varghese


multimodality cardiovascular imaging is essential for interventional cardiac procedures and both fields are evolving rapidly. multimodality imaging in cardiac interventions captures the current state of clinical utility and provides a unique visual aide for teaching, training, and education. the editors have brought together a variety of leading experts from across the united kingdom to guide the interested viewer in the indications and practicalities of state-of-the-art techniques. this book visually demonstrates the indications and methodology involved in several important cardiac interventions that rely heavily on multimodality cardiovascular imaging for their success. chapters cover topics such as transcatheter aortic valve implantation (tavi), device closure of paravalvular leaks in the mitral and aortic positions, and the adjunctive use of computed tomographic angiography in percutaneous coronary intervention. visual simplicity in combination with excellent narration from experts in the field results in a unique up-to-date educational tool.
this book will appeal to a wide range of professionals from clinicians to potential patients and the medical press interested in learning about important advances in cardiovascular more

2017 annual update in intensive care and emergency medicine 2017

j l vincent


the annual update compiles reviews of the most recent developments in experimental and clinical intensive care and emergency medicine research and practice in one comprehensive reference book. the chapters are written by well recognized experts in these fields. the book is addressed to everyone involved in internal medicine, anesthesia, surgery, pediatrics, intensive care and emergency more

practical approach to peripheral arterial chronic total occlusions 2017

subhash banerjee


a practical, highly illustrative and easy to read reference for interventional cardiologists, vascular surgeons, cardiac/endovascular catheterization laboratory personnel, interventional radiologists, technical staff, industry professionals, investigators, and researchers on peripheral arterial cto interventions. peripheral cto lesions are present in nearly 50% of all peripheral arterial disease (pad) endovascular interventions. there is tremendous growth in the performance and learning of peripheral arterial cto procedures. there are several ongoing physician courses and many others that are being prepared; however, there is a significant lack of standardized selection, strategies, techniques and equipment necessary to achieve a high degree of reproducible success with low complication rates during the performance of these complex and technically challenging endovascular procedures. the book is not an academic "tour de force" description of the topic but rather a practical one with many illustrations and step-by-step explanations of the various procedure steps, what can go wrong, and troubleshooting.
heavy use of illustrations throughout limit the text to what is necessary to convey the message, and the book is supported by online case catalogues and board review questions. the book also includes never-before-published information on new more

atlas of pediatric cardiac surgery 2015

constantine mavroudis


the raison d'etre for a new atlas of congenital heart surgery is based on the reality that the specialty has undergone numerous changes in the last few years resulting in improved techniques and new operations. the sheer number of new procedures and the required attendant technical skills to successfully complete an operation has become a challenge to master, especially for residents who are pursuing a career in congenital heart surgery. while the techniques that we are espousing are mostly our own, there is a great deal of similarity amongst international centers owing to the influence of video presentations, manuscript publications, and chapter reviews. we therefore believe that the techniques that are illustrated in this atlas are likely to be similar to the techniques that are taught worldwide to residents and fellows. the atlas is organized generally by diseases and procedures pertaining thereto. two general sections involve cannulation techniques and palliative procedures, respectively.
a special section depicts difficult problems in the form of clinical vignettes that may arise during cardiopulmonary bypass such as: decreased venous return, undiagnosed patent ductus arteriosus, and technical errors leading to hemodynamic complications. the reader is instructed to apply measures that will lead to resolution of these problems. we have chosen procedures, which cover the breadth of congenital heart surgery. while perhaps not totally inclusive, the reader will find the greater majority of congenital heart procedures illustrated and explained in this more

molecular targeted therapy of lung cancer

yuichi takiguchi


this book discusses the latest molecular targeted therapy of lung cancer including its evaluation and future directions. it clearly illustrates the initial dramatic effectiveness of molecular targeted therapy, recurrence of the disease, overcoming the wide variety of resistance mechanisms using new-generation molecular targeted agents and potential novel approaches. it also outlines the increasing necessity for new diagnostic technology and strategies for managing different adverse effects and novel methods for evaluating effectiveness and safety. edited and authored by opinion leaders, molecular targeted therapy of lung cancer provides a comprehensive overview of the disease and its treatments. it is a valuable resource for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty staff, as well as researchers involved in clinical and translational research on lung cancer, helping promote new ideas for further more

aortopathy 2017

koichiro niwa


this is the first textbook to focus on aortopathy, a new clinical concept for a form of vasculopathy. the first section of the book starts from discussing general concept and history of aortopathy, and then deals with its pathophysiology, manifestation, intrinsic factor, clinical implication, management and prevention. the second part closely looks at various disorders of the aortopathy such as bicuspid aortic valve and coarctation of aorta. the book editors have published a lot of works on the topic and have been collecting relating data in the field of congenital heart disease for the past 20 years, thus present the book with confidence. the topic – an association of aortic pathophysiological abnormality, aortic dilation and aorto-left ventricular interaction – is getting more and more attention among cardiovascular physicians. this is the first book to refer for cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists, surgeons, achd specialists, etc. to acquire thorough knowledge on more

youre wrong im right 2017 dueling authors reexamine classic teachings in anesthesia

corey s. scher


this text covers the major controversies and "myths" in each of the major anesthesia subspecialties. you're wrong, i'm right is designed to be an easy and engaging evidence based read that offers the fast-paced give-and-take of a debate between two experts at the top of their game–capturing their full argument, including expressions of humor and displays of temper. each point of contention begins with a real case, carefully selected to encapsulate the argument. one author then argues the "pro" side and another the "con." sometimes a single author may argue both sides. in doing so, the authors highlight the newest evidence and remind us of classic principles that have stood the test of time. at the end of the debate, readers can determine which argument they will use in their clinical practice, and may also consult a final "consensus" section that identifies the editors' and contributors' "picks" of the one best practice in a range of different more

male breast cancer 2017

ian fentiman


this book provides an up-to-date review of the risk factors and genetics influencing the development of this rare disease. this volume presents clinical features and recent advances in histopathology and molecular profiling are analyzed, providing a valuable aid to clinicians in tailoring treatment to both the patient and the tumour. readers will find important insights into the most effective strategies for making or negating a diagnosis of mbc. within this timely volume, consideration is also given to the psychological needs of men with breast cancer alongside a discussion of the most effective support methods. the surgical management of the disease is examined, together with algorithms for local and systemic therapy. owing to the problem of late diagnosis in mbc, many men have advanced or disseminated disease at diagnosis and, as such, the evidence-based management of these cases is reviewed. male breast cancer concludes with a discussion on determining prognosis and the likely future developments in mbc with a focus on improved diagnosis and survival.
male breast cancer will be of interest to breast surgeons, oncologists, breast radiologists, breast histopathologists and breast care nurses more

ultrasound in gynecology an atlas and guide

mala sibal


this atlas and guide book is focused on gynecological ultrasound, an area that has remained in the shadow of obstetric ultrasound & fetal medicine. gynecological ultrasound has seen rapid advances owing to expanding research and improved ultrasound equipment. this book leverages these advances and provides abundant illustrations and practice points of classical and new ultrasound features. it serves as a guide for radiologists, gynecologists and sonologists for the accurate diagnosis of gynecological pathologies. the chapters of this book also serve as a comprehensive resource for various topics with hundreds of images and figures, including basic gray scale images, doppler studies and three dimensional ultrasound illustrations. in addition, standard terms for the evaluation and reporting of gynecological pathologies are discussed. emergencies like ovarian torsion, complex adnexal cyst are also more

locomotion and posture in older adults 2017 the role of aging and movement disorders

fabio augusto barbieri


this book is an attempt to advance the discussion and improve our understanding about the effects of aging and movement disorders on motor control during walking and postural tasks. despite these activities are performed daily, there is a high requirement of motor and neural systems in order to perform both tasks efficiently. both walking and posture require a complex interaction of musculoskeletal and neural systems. however, the mechanisms used to control these tasks, as well as how they are planned and coordinated, are still a question of discussion among health professionals and researchers. in addition, this discussion is more interesting when the effects of aging are included in the context of locomotion and the postural control. the number of older individuals is 841 million in 2015, which is four times higher than the 202 million that lived in 1950. aging causes many motor, sensorial and neural deficits, which impair locomotion and postural control in the elderly. the severity of this framework is worsened when the aging goes along with a movement disorder, such as parkinson disease, chorea, dystonia, huntington disease, etc.
therefore, the aim of this book is to highlight the influence of different aspects on planning, controlling and performing locomotion and posture tasks. in attempting to improve current knowledge in this field, invited authors present and discuss how environmental, sensorial, motor, cognitive and individual aspects influence the planning and performance of locomotor and postural activities. the major thrust of the book is to address the mechanisms involved in controlling and planning motor action in neurological healthy individuals, as well as in those who suffer from movement disorders or face the effects of aging, indicating the aspects that impair locomotion and postural control. in addition, new technologies, tools and interventions designed to manage the effects of aging and movement disorders are presented in the more

pediatric cancer in africa 2016 a case based guide to diagnosis and management

daniela cristina stefan


this text is the only book of its kind to provide specific guidance applicable to limited resource settings and builds up from the foundation of general practitioner or general pediatrician competence. written and edited by leaders in the field, this manual educates physicians on the essential components of the discipline, filtered through the experience of specialists from developing countries, with immediate applicability in the specific healthcare environment in these countries. typically, manuals of pediatric hematology-oncology are written by specialists from high-income countries, and usually target an audience with a sub-specialist level of training, often assisted by cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment facilities. however, approximately 80% of new cases of cancer in children appear in mid- and low-income countries. almost invariably, general practitioners or general pediatricians without special training in oncology will look after children with malignancies who enter the health care system in these countries. the diagnostic facilities are usually limited, as are the treatment options.
the survival figures in these conditions are somewhere below 20%, while in high-income countries they are in the range of 80% for many childhood cancers. this book includes simplified therapy protocols, pain therapy and palliation, as well as ward procedures such as bone marrow aspiration/biopsies, intravenous therapy and chemotherapy drugs mixing. it provides an overview of pediatric cancer epidemiology, cancer registration and organizing support networks and features the management of cancers with associated pathology like aids, malnutrition, malaria and more

breast oncology techniques indications and interpretation 2017

linda moy


this book presents up to date debates and issues in the world of breast mri with a very practical focus on how to incorporate current understanding of breast mri into clinical practice. the book is divided into three key sections, all of which have critical impact for the breast imager: techniques introduces the reader to the parameters of breast mri from standard sequences to up-to-date cutting edge techniques. indications provides a careful review of the accepted indications for breast mri from high risk screening to use of breast mri, in the context of neoadjuvant chemotherapy with a detailed analysis of the evidence-based support for these indications and a careful look at controversies and debates within the field. mri findings, interpretation, and management takes on the topics of how to interpret and manage specific mri findings from benign to malignant disease with a focus on radiologic-pathologic correlation. the section also incorporates a focus on key management dilemmas, including appropriate follow-up intervals for benign findings on mri and management of probably benign lesions assessed as a breast imaging reporting and dictating system (bi-rads)-3 category on more

integrative cardiology 2016 a new therapeutic vision

massimo fioranelli


this book is a detailed guide to a new integrative approach to the prevention and treatment of various cardiac disorders and risk factors, including coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, dyslipidemia, and hypertension. this approach combines various strategies, including metabolic cardiology, low-dose medicine, exercise programs, stress management programs, evaluation for inherited risk factors, and various other healing modalities. metabolic cardiology focuses on the prevention, management, and treatment of cardiovascular disease at the cellular level through biochemical interventions with nutritional supplements that can promote energy production in the heart. low-dose medicine, on the other hand, interprets pathological phenomena as an imbalance in intercellular signaling that may be corrected through the administration of low physiological doses of messenger molecules. therapies outside of mainstream medicine may also be deployed in integrative cardiology, for example acupuncture, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.
integrative cardiology will be of interest to all practitioners wishing to learn about an approach that incorporates the incredible advances in medication and technology with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and mind-body more

frontiers in gynecological endocrinology 2016 pediatric and adolescent gynecological endocrinology volume 4

andrea r. genazzani


this volume provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview on pediatric and adolescent gynecological endocrinology. it covers a very wide range of topics with a particular focus on disorders of sex differentiation, pubertal maturation, growth disorders, primary and secondary amenorrhea, menstrual disorders in adolescents and young adults, sexuality, contraception, and pregnancy. the authors are international well-known experts who document the latest clinical experience in this continuously evolving field and provide practical guidance on the evaluation and treatment of female pubertal problems. the book is published within the international society of gynecological endocrinology (isge) series and is based on the 2015 international school of gynecological and reproductive endocrinology (isgre) summer course. it will be an invaluable reference for gynecologists, endocrinologists, pediatricians, and experts in women's more

fundamentals of pediatric surgery 2017

peter mattei


the previous edition of this book was based on a simple but essential philosophy: provide a practical and up-to-date resource for the practicing surgeon detailing the specific needs and special considerations surrounding the surgical care of children. the second edition of fundamentals of pediatric surgery stays true to the philosophy of the original with several significant enhancements. as well as encompassing the most up-to-date and practical clinical information for the experienced surgeon written in a straightforward narrative style, each chapter provides a rationale for the proposed approach based on the scientific evidence available in the literature and the author's personal clinical experience, supplies a detailed algorithm or clinical protocol in a graphic format, initiates a discussion regarding unanswered questions and proposals for future studies, and includes a list of suggested readings. chapters cover in great detail a broad range of pediatric general surgery topics, including disorders of all major organ systems of the abdomen and thorax, congenital anomalies presenting in the newborn period, and a variety of maladies germane to the growing field of fetal surgery.
the authors also provide authoritative discussions of therapeutic methods and surgical techniques that range from the traditional to the modern, including time-honored open operations, contemporary minimally invasive interventions, and emerging technologies such as single-site and robotic surgery. written by experts in the field, fundamentals of pediatric surgery, second edition is a definitive source of readily available clinical information that residents, fellows or attending surgeons can use to take care of actual patients in real more

image based computer assisted radiation therapy

hidetaka arimura


this book provides a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art computational intelligence research and technologies in computer-assisted radiation therapy based on image engineering. it also traces major technical advancements and research findings in the field of image-based computer-assisted radiation therapy. in high-precision radiation therapies, novel approaches in image engineering including computer graphics, image processing, pattern recognition, and computational anatomy play important roles in improving the accuracy of radiation therapy and assisting decision making by radiation oncology professionals, such as radiation oncologists, radiation technologists, and medical physicists, in each phase of radiation therapy. all the topics presented in this book broaden understanding of the modern medical technologies and systems for image-based computer-assisted radiation therapy. therefore this volume will greatly benefit not only radiation oncologists and radiologists but also radiation technologists, professors in medical physics or engineering, and engineers involved in the development of products to utilize this advanced more

radiofrequency treatments on the spine 2017

stefano marcia


this book describes the principles and applications of radiofrequency treatments for various spinal indications, including disc herniation, discogenic and radicular pain, facet joint arthropathy, and benign and malignant lesions of the vertebral column. the aim is to provide a handy guide that will acquaint readers with all aspects of radiofrequency neurotomy at different levels of the spine, enabling them to carry out treatments effectively and safely. radiofrequency neurotomy, or radiofrequency ablation, is a minimally invasive procedure that is associated with a reduction in complications, side effects, and risks of anesthesia as well as with lower costs. this book, written by world-renowned authorities in the field, fills a significant gap in the literature by specifically focusing on the use of radiofrequency for spinal conditions. it will be of value to a range of specialists, including interventional neuroradiologists and radiologists, neurosurgeons, and more

heart failure 2016 a comprehensive guide to pathophysiology and clinical care

howard j. eisen


this comprehensively covers everything from pathophysiology to the evaluation of patients presenting with heart failure to medical management, device therapy, heart transplantation and mechanical circulatory support, and include relevant cardiac imaging studies such as echocardiograms and magnetic resonance imaging studies which could be seen in their entirety as well as pathology slides, hemodynamic tracings and videos of cardiac surgery such as heart transplants and ventricular assist device implantation. finally, the book would have videos of patients with heart failure, heart transplants or ventricular assist devices, describing their clinical presentation and experiences. it is structured so that it can be used as a guide by physicians studying for the general cardiology or advanced heart failure and cardiac transplantations more

essentials of menopause management 2017 a case based approach

lubna pal


removing the shroud of complexity that had engulfed the field of menopause research and management for more than a decade, this unique, case-based resource discusses a range of topics relevant to the reproductive health of the aging female. the opening section includes chapters covering the symptomatology, epidemiology and impact of the menopausal burden, and reviews in depth the most current evidence on the efficacy, risks and benefits of pharmacological and alternative therapies. utilizing vibrant case material, the second section details common symptoms of menopause and an individualized approach to management, such as sleep loss, skeletal fragility, sexual dysfunction, hirsutism and alopecia, primary ovarian insufficiency and failure, and vasomotor symptoms. chapters reviewing therapeutic options and considerations tailored to gynecologic and breast cancer patients and survivors comprise the third and final section.
developed as a multidisciplinary collaboration and addressing the needs of practicing reproductive medicine clinicians and researchers providing care to an aging female population, essentials of menopause management provides clear, up-to-date information and recommendations on the range of current treatment strategies for menopause and its more