orofacial pain biomarkers 2017

jean-paul goulet


this book provides up-to-date information on all aspects of orofacial pain biomarkers. it opens by presenting background information on clinical phenotypes and the neurobiological substrates underlying chronic orofacial pain and by explaining the potential role of biomarkers in the diagnosis, prognostic evaluation, and treatment of orofacial pain. the main section of the book examines the contribution of human and animal studies to the field of biomarkers for orofacial pain and discusses biomarkers for masticatory muscle pain, temporomandibular joint pain, neuropathic face pain, and autonomic nervous system involvement in trigeminal facial pain. the potential impacts of the immune system on orofacial pain biomarkers and candidate gene phenotypes with possible links to chronic orofacial pain conditions are also addressed, and differences and similarities between saliva and serum biomarkers for pain are explained as well. the final section covers research-related issues in assessment methods and statistical analyses used in evaluating biomarkers, identifies future challenges and suggests new directions in the field.show more

atlas of implant dentistry and tooth preserving surgery prevention and management of complications

zoran stajcic


this atlas is unique in comparing the two disciplines of dental implant surgery and tooth-preserving surgery with respect to common procedures, problems, and failures and in providing excellent guidance on the prevention and management of complications. the etiology of a wide variety of implant-related and non-implant-related complications and failures is carefully explained. since many complications have their roots in oral and periodontal surgical maneuvers, these maneuvers are themselves discussed and extensively illustrated. the most frequently used tooth preservation procedures are also fully described, with emphasis on correct surgical technique as a means to avoid complications. the use of these procedures is constantly weighed against the effects of tooth removal and insertion of dental implants. the text is complemented by the inclusion of a substantial number of helpful references.while the atlas is intended primarily for dentists involved in outpatient implant dentistry and oral surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgeons will also find the descriptions of innovative techniques or maneuvers to be of interest, including those relating to the selection of incision and flap design and the sinus floor elevation techniques.show more

complications of temporomandibular joint surgery

gary f. bouloux


this book provides detailed guidance on the recognition and treatment of the complications most frequently encountered in patients who undergo temporomandibular joint surgery. evidence-based guidelines are referred to whenever possible, and when such guidelines are lacking, the preferred current approaches to diagnosis and management are described. in addition, the pathophysiology of each complication is discussed and advice offered on how to ensure that the correct surgical procedure is chosen for the individual patient, thereby minimizing the risk of complications. illustrative cases are included to further highlight key points. the authors are experienced surgeons and pioneers in the field of temporomandibular joint surgery. complications of temporomandibular joint surgery will be of value for all who work in this technically very challenging field and regularly have to deal with the issues posed by a difficult patient population and the risk of suboptimal outcomes.show more

physiologic anchorage control 2017 a new orthodontic concept and its clinical application

tian min xu


this book provides a comprehensive introduction to physiologic anchorage control, explains the implications for clinical practice, and presents an anchorage technique applicable for the treatment of different malocclusions. the concept of physiologic anchorage control is derived from observations of upper molar movement during growth in adolescence, including in the absence of orthodontic treatment, which indicate that molar forward displacement comprises two components: the first due to biologic force or physiologic anchorage loss and the second due to orthodontic force or mechanical anchorage loss. all previous anchorage methods have been based on the assumption that molar anchorage loss is to be attributed solely to the mechanical force used to retract anterior teeth, and the new concept represents a paradigm shift of clinical significance. this book explores the pattern of upper molar growth in depth, highlights the physiologic significance of the curve of spee, and analyzes the biomechanics of physiologic anchorage control. an anchorage control system that fully takes into account the latest conceptual insights is described and its clinical use and utility, examined.show more

salivary gland development and regeneration advances in research and clinical approaches to functional restoration

seunghee cha


this book provides a comprehensive update on the latest information and knowledge which emerged from translational and basic science research endeavors, targeting the regeneration of salivary glands. the coverage includes salivary gland growth and development, stem cell therapy, bioengineering of salivary glands, and perspectives on and practical approaches to restoration of secretory function. more specifically, among the individual topics addressed are the various types of stem cell of value for cell replacement therapy, technological advances with respect to 3d printing, gene therapy, organ culture of salivary glands, and surgical aspects of the feasibility and practicality of transplantation. readers will find helpful practical guidance on functional restorations of damaged salivary glands and stimulating insights into potential future directions in salivary gland regeneration research. the authors are all acknowledged experts from a range of academic and clinical backgrounds.accordingly, the book will be of interest not only to clinicians, such as general dental practitioners, oral medicine specialists, and surgeons who manage dry mouth patients, but also to biomedical engineers, stem cell researchers, and transplant surgeons.show more

clinical guide to accelerated orthodontics with a focus on micro osteoperforations

mani alikhani


this book is a complete reference for all clinicians who are interested in incorporating into their daily practice the techniques available to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment and to overcome other treatment limitations. it focuses especially on micro-osteoperforations (mops) as the most conservative, efficient, and versatile approach to increase the rate of tooth movement. the opening chapters describe the biological principles of current accelerated techniques at the molecular and cellular levels and introduce guidelines on how to select the best acceleration approach based on each patient's needs. clinicians are then guided step by step through the application of mops, case selection, and treatment planning. it is explained how mops can be incorporated into daily mechanotherapy for the treatment of different malocclusions and how to take advantage of the catabolic and anabolic effects of the procedure to expand the boundary of orthodontic and orthopaedic corrections. the book is written in a simple and clear language with many illustrations and clinical examples to facilitate understanding of concepts and procedures.in addition, it is a rich source for academicians and researchers interested in a comprehensive and updated review on theories of tooth movement and accelerated orthodontic techniques.show more

dental fear and anxiety in pediatric patients 2017 practical strategies to help children cope

caroline campbell


this book is a comprehensive guide to pediatric dental fear/anxiety (dfa) and phobia that will provide practitioners with a full understanding of the etiology, prevalence, assessment, and management of these conditions. the coping styles of children when under stress are explored, with discussion of their relevance to the assessment visit and treatment allocation. practical treatment techniques are comprehensively covered, from non-pharmacological behavioral strategies relevant for children with no or mild dfa to those approaches more appropriate for children with severe dfa/phobia. the importance of the use of language and communication skills to build rapport and allay anxiety is explored. relaxation and hypnosis techniques are described, with guidance on how to introduce these to patients and their parents/carers. techniques that help children cope when receiving injections are detailed, including systematic needle desensitization; these provide practitioners with options to help resolve dfa and phobia regarding needles. intravenous sedation, including the challenge of cannulation, is covered comprehensively.furthermore, cognitive behavioral therapy is presented, with suggestion of practical self-help material when appropriate. the closing chapter looks to the future, discussing the barriers to and the changes required for the creation of more child-centered dfa services.show more

pediatric dentistry a clinical approach

goran koch


pediatric dentistry: a clinical approach, third edition provides a uniquely clear, comprehensive, and clinical approach to the dental treatment of children and adolescents. * offers systematic coverage of all clinical, scientific and social topics relating to pediatric dentistry * thoroughly revised and updated new edition, with an increased focus on evidence based care * includes three new chapters on genetics, child abuse and neglected children, and ethics * pedodontic endodontics is now covered by two chapters one on primary teeth and one on young permanent teeth * features a companion website with interactive self-assessment questionsshow more

comprehensive cleft care volume 1

richard e. kirschner


comprehensive cleft care is a complete clinical reference that addresses every aspect of the life-long care required by patients with orofacial clefting.supported by a handsome full-color presentation, comprehensive cleft care features heavily-illustrated chapters that provide unmatched coverage of everything from prenatal diagnosis to final orthognathic surgery. the inclusion of topics such as basic science research, mission work, and outcome measures make this an all-in-one clinical companion with coverage that cannot be found anywhere else. with its distinct holistic approach and perspectives from skilled specialists in a variety of disciplines, comprehensive cleft care presents an unmatched overview of cleft repair and management. volume one of the book covers non-surgical issues including: embryology, anatomy, classification, epidemiology, and genetics; nursing topics, neuropsychosocial and educational aspects, otologic, audilogic, and airway assessment and management, outcomes and research.show more

cosmetic facial surgery

joe niamtu


bring your practice fully up to date with the most effective and innovative techniques in cosmetic facial surgery! the 2nd edition of dr. joe niamtu's practical resource covers everything from new implants, lasers, blepharoplasty, and liposuction technologies to innovative new procedures that will greatly benefit your patients. in this fully revised edition, you'll learn not only from dr. niamtu, but also from other internationally recognized cosmetic surgeons in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oculoplastic surgery, and dermatology. additionally, virtually every image and illustration has been revised to provide a thoroughly up-to-date visual guide suitable for everyday reference.show more

maxillofacial surgery

peter brennan


now in full color, maxillofacial surgery, 3rd edition covers the entire specialty of maxillofacial surgery, including craniofacial deformity, oral surgery, trauma, and oncology. unlike other omfs texts where the contributors are singly boarded in oral surgery, this richly illustrated text boasts omfs contributors who are all dual boarded in both oral surgery and medicine. thoroughly updated with evidence-based content, it addresses the advances in technology and procedures providing oral and maxillofacial surgeons with new and exciting treatment options. and with print and digital formats, it is easy to use in any setting.show more

pharmacology and therapeutics for dentistry

frank j. dowd


gain a complete understanding of drugs affecting patient care! pharmacology and therapeutics for dentistry, 7th edition describes how to evaluate a patient's health and optimize dental treatment by factoring in the drugs they take. it explores the basic principles of pharmacology, the ways that drugs affect the body, and the potential for adverse drug interactions. developed by frank dowd, barton johnson, and angelo mariotti, with chapters from a team of expert contributors, this is the only book written by dental pharmacologists for the dental market. whether you're concerned about the drugs a patient is already taking or the drugs you prescribe for treatment, this book helps you reduce risk and provide effective dental care.show more

clinical cases in orofacial pain

malin ernberg


expand your knowledge and put it into practice with this unique, case-based guide clinical cases in orofacial pain is a valuable resource for undergraduate dental students as well as residents working towards board certification. individual cases cover temporomandibular joint disorders, masticatory muscle disorders, headache, neuropathic pain, dental pain, tooth wear, and dystonia. following the popular clinical cases series style, cases are presented with associated academic commentary, including background information, diagnostic criteria and fundamental points that might influence the diagnosis, treatment planning or management of the case. well-illustrated throughout, each chapter features self-assessment study questions to help foster independent learning. clinical cases in orofacial pain is an excellent primer for undergraduate dental students and an invaluable study guide for postgraduate students and residents. dental practitioners will also want to keep this unique, case-based guide as a ready reference in their working libraries.show more

practical periodontal plastic surgery 2

serge dibart


practical periodontal plastic surgery, second edition builds on the success of the first edition to provide the qualified and trainee periodontist with an essential guide to the clinical requirements and step-by-step procedures of periodontal plastic surgery. * features additional clinical photographs to illustrate procedures * brings together periodontal and plastic surgery expertise * retains the popular step-by-step format for quick and clear referenceshow more

endodontic microbiology

ashraf f. fouad


endodontic microbiology, second edition presents a comprehensive reference to the microbiology, pathogenesis, management, and healing of endodontic pathosis, emphasizing the importance of biological sciences in understanding and managing endodontic disease and its interaction with systemic health. * provides a major revision to the first book to focus on the problems related to microbes in the root canal and periapical tissues * updates current knowledge in endodontic pathosis, especially regarding next generation sequencing and microbial virulence * presents useful diagrams, images, radiographs, and annotated histological images to illustrate the concepts * emphasizes the importance of biological science in understanding and managing endodontic disease * includes contributions from the leading researchers and educators in the fieldshow more

digital planning and custom orthodontic treatment

hero k. breuning


digital planning and custom orthodontic treatment offers a thorough overview of digital treatment planning as it relates to custom orthodontic treatment. * covers 3d imaging of the dentition and the face with intraoral scanners, cbct machines, and 3d facial scanners * provides a complete guide to using digital treatment planning to improve the predictability, efficiency, and efficacy of orthodontic treatment * discusses cad/cam fabrication of appliances and the monitoring of treatment progress and stability * offers detailed descriptions for the main commercial systems on the market * presents clinically oriented information to aid in yielding high quality and stable resultsshow more

atlas of oral and maxillofacial radiology

bernard koong


the atlas of oral and maxillofacial radiology presents an extensive case collection of both common and less common conditions of the jaws and teeth. focusing on the essentials of radiologic interpretation, this is a go-to companion for clinicians in everyday practice who have radiologically identified a potential abnormality, as well as a comprehensive study guide for students at all levels of dentistry, surgery and radiology. * unique lesion-based problem solving chapter makes this an easy-to-use reference in a clinical setting * includes 2d intraoral radiography, the panoramic radiograph, cone beam ct, multidetector ct and mri * multiple cases are presented in order to demonstrate the variation in the radiological appearances of conditions affecting the jaws and teeth * special focus on conditions where diagnostic imaging may substantially contribute to diagnosisshow more

periodontics medicine surgery and implants

louis f. rose


this definitive book presents the medical and surgical aspects of periodontics in full color, organized to coincide with topics in the aap's vision 2020 objectives. it offers strong theory and concepts, as well as highly instructive clinical practice applications. the hallmark of this book is that it directs dental diagnosis and treatment toward controlling infection and establishing an oral environment that is conducive to the overall health and well-being of the patient. interrelationships between oral and systemic health are emphasized throughout, and advanced technologies and techniques such as oral, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and dental implant surgery are key components.show more

practical procedures in aesthetic dentistry

subir banerji


practical procedures in aesthetic dentistry presents a comprehensive collection of videos demonstrating clinical techniques in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, and is accompanied by a handbook summarising the key points of each procedure. * interactive website hosting over nine hours of video * accompanying illustrated handbook summarising key points * expert teaching across a comprehensive range of aesthetic and restorative procedures * international team of contributors with clinical and academic expertiseshow more

evidence based implant treatment planning and clinical protocols

steven j. sadowsky


evidence-based implant treatment planning and clinical protocols provides a systematic approach to making treatment decisions and performing restorative procedures. * offers a clinically relevant resource grounded in the latest research * applies an evidence-based approach to all aspects of implant dentistry, including maxillofacial prosthodontics, from planning to surgery and restoration * describes procedures in detail with accompanying images * covers all stages of treatment, from planning to execution * includes access to a companion website with video clips demonstrating procedures and the figures from the book in powerpointshow more

evidence based decision making in dentistry multidisciplinary management of the natural dentition

eyal rosen


this clinically oriented book covers all aspects of the evidence-based decision making process in multidisciplinary management of the natural dentition. the book opens by clarifying the principles of evidence-based decision making and explaining how these principles should be applied in daily practice. individual chapters then focus specifically, and in detail, on endodontic, periodontal, and prosthetic considerations, identifying aspects that need to be integrated into decision making and treatment planning. evidence-based decision making with regard to preservation of the natural tooth versus extraction and implant placement is then discussed, and a concluding chapter examines likely future trends in dentistry and how they may affect clinical decision making. the authors include leading endodontists, periodontists, and prosthodontists. given the multidisciplinary and comprehensive nature of the book, it will be relevant and interesting to the entire dental community.show more

endodontic prognosis 2017 clinical guide for optimal treatment outcome

nadia chugal


this book serves as a clinical guide to help the practitioner improve endodontic treatment outcomes. it focuses on the various factors affecting the prognosis of endodontic treatments and on their impact on short-term and long-term results. the text incorporates up-to-date knowledge, techniques and treatment protocols. each chapter has been carefully chosen to address either foundational knowledge or a select aspect of endodontic treatment. the authors analyze the knowledge accumulated from a large number of outcome studies and provide the reader with a critical appraisal indicating the strengths and weaknesses of those studies. this information is then used to make recommendations on how to predict the outcome of the intended treatment. the authors emphasize that the endodontic prognosis is a multifactorial phenomenon, underscoring how various factors, singularly and in combination, influence the treatment outcome. readers are provided with tools to successfully assess the prognosis of the proposed treatment at the outset and to execute the planned treatment focused on optimal outcome.show more

contemporary oral oncology 2016 diagnosis and management

moni abraham kuriakose


this is the second of four volumes that together offer an authoritative, in-depth reference guide covering all aspects of the management of oral cancer from a multidisciplinary perspective and on the basis of a strong scientific foundation. this volume addresses a range of management issues in oral cancer, from imaging and staging through to the roles of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. principles of ablative surgery are explained, and neck dissection and sentinel lymph node biopsy techniques, described. detailed consideration is also given to the management of complications, salvage surgery and re-radiation, the biologic basis of treatment failure, and emerging approaches to overcome treatment resistance. the inclusion of resource-stratified guidelines will meet the needs of practitioners in different geographic regions with varying resources.show more

tissue engineering and regeneration in dentistry current strategies

rachel j. waddington


tissue engineering and regeneration in dentistry: current strategies presents a thorough update on the current advances, methods and understanding in tissue engineering in dentistry. it offers invaluable tools, case studies, and methodologies for undertaking research, including important biological and practical considerations to facilitate successful migration of research from the bench to the clinic. * offers detailed coverage of the basic underlying principles and scientific evidence, and includes protocols to highlight practical applications * written by an internationally renowned team of expert contributors * a must-have read for researchers and specialist clinicians in tissue engineering, oral biology, dental materials science, periodontology and oral surgeryshow more

orthognathic surgery principles planning and practice

farhad b. naini


orthognathic surgery: principles, planning and practice is a definitive clinical guide to orthognathic surgery, from initial diagnosis and treatment planning to surgical management and postoperative care. * addresses the major craniofacial anomalies and complex conditions of the jaw and face that require surgery * edited by two highly experienced specialists, with contributions from an international team of experts * enhanced by case studies, note boxes and more than 2000 clinical photographs and illustrations * serves as an essential reference for higher trainees and practicing clinicians in cranio-maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, plastic and reconstructive surgery and allied specialtiesshow more

clinical cases in implant dentistry

nadeem karimbux


clinical cases in implant dentistry presents 49 actual clinical cases, accompanied by academic commentary, that question and educate the reader about essential topics in implant dentistry, encompassing diagnosis, surgical site preparation and placement, restoration, and maintenance of dental implants. * unique case-based format supports problem-based learning * promotes independent learning through self-assessment and critical thinking * highly illustrated with full-color clinical cases * covers all essential topics within implant dentistryshow more

contemporary oral oncology 2017 biology epidemiology etiology and prevention

moni abraham kuriakose


this is the first of four volumes that together offer an authoritative, in-depth reference guide covering all aspects of the management of oral cancer from a multidisciplinary perspective and on the basis of a strong scientific foundation. this volume, on tumor biology, epidemiology, etiology, emerging role of cancer stem cells and prevention of oral cancer, opens by discussing oral carcinogenesis in general and the role of particular carcinogens and human papillomavirus. global epidemiology and changes in disease prevalence are then addressed. up-to-date information is provided on emerging cancer biomarkers, and the biologic basis of personalized therapy is explained. histopathological features of malignant and premalignant neoplasms and their relevance to management are described. further chapters focus on the current status of chemoprevention, the management of oral submucous fibrosis, and the value of various diagnostic adjuncts. the volume concludes by critically evaluating the efficacy of oral screening methods.show more

clinical oral anatomy 2017 a comprehensive review for dental practitioners and researchers

thomas von arx


this superbly illustrated book presents the most current and comprehensive review of oral anatomy for clinicians and researchers alike. in 26 chapters, the reader is taken on a unique anatomical journey, starting with the oral fissure, continuing via the maxilla and mandible to the tongue and floor of the mouth, and concluding with the temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscles. each chapter offers a detailed description of the relevant anatomical structures and their spatial relationships, provides quantitative morphological assessments, and explains the relevance of the region for clinical dentistry. all dental health care professionals require a sound knowledge of anatomy for the purposes of diagnostics, treatment planning, and therapeutic intervention. a full understanding of the relationship between anatomy and clinical practice is the ultimate objective, and this book will enable the reader to achieve such understanding as the basis for provision of the best possible treatment for each individual patient as well as recognition and comprehension of unexpected clinical findings.show more

the dental reference manual 2016 a daily guide for students and practitioners

geraldine m. weinstein


this book is designed to meet the needs of both dental students and dentists by providing succinct and quickly retrievable answers to common dental questions. students will find both that it clearly presents the particulars which should be familiar to every dentist and that it enables them to see the big picture and contextualize information introduced to them in the future. practicing dentists, on the other hand, will employ the book as a daily reference to source information on important topics, materials, techniques, and conditions. the book is neither discipline nor specialty specific. the first part is wide ranging and covers the essentials of dental practice while the second part addresses individual specialties and the third is devoted to emergency dental treatment. whether as a handy resource in the student s backpack or as a readily available tool on the office desk, this reference manual fills an important gap in the dental literature.show more

dental radiography principles and techniques

joen iannucci


set yourself up for success with this must-have oral radiography text. dental radiography: principles and techniques gives you a comprehensive foundation for the safe, effective use of radiation in the modern dental office. this combination textbook and training manual features easy-to-understand content combined with step-by-step techniques and a stellar art program to help you apply what you've learned to practice. plus, new content focuses on pediatrics and the latest in digital and three-dimensional technology!show more